Guo DingDing was 33 years old and newly married.

His parents had been on his case for years to find a wife. His mother had even put up his CV at the People’s Square Marriage Market and had spent countless weekends head hunting an appropriate wife for him. None were quite right, though he couldn’t articulate exactly why.

And then he met her! Lovely Ping! His fabulous new bride!

No one needed to know that Ping was happily shacked up with her long term girlfriend. After all, DingDing and his boyfriend Gao Dan had been going steady for over a decade.

The four of them found a large duplex in Putuo and moved in together. If family visited, they now had a cover.

Guo DingDing was elated. While his new wife stood watch, he gave Dan a celebratory snog.

All was well in the world.


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