Wu Meihua tried to look nonchalant, pretending to take a carefree afternoon nap on the back of her Hello Kitty e-bike, parked outside the university.

Directly behind her, spread out on his e-bike, snoring gently,  was Cao Dayu, the handsomest boy in her business administration program. If you squinted at just the right angle, he looked almost kind of exactly a bit like Wang Leehom, except with quite different hair (a vaguely overgrown North Korean cut, actually) and clothes that were definitely bought by his mother from a second rate market in a 3rd tier city somewhere.

But still! He was the handsomest boy, with excellent job prospects.

And he wasn’t alone!

He was sleeping (literally) with that girl from the accounting program, the one who was always taking photos of herself with her iPhone in class. The one with the unexpected perm and the shiny metallic leopard print leggings.

Wu Meihua’s heart sank. With one eye open, she peered into the rear view mirror of her bike at them, dozing happily in the sun, toes touching.

She wondered if she was too young to ask her mother to go to the Saturday marriage market in People’s Park. She was nearly 22 now! In just 5 years, she would be a leftover woman! If the handsome boys were already pairing off, what hope did she have?

She sighed. Her afternoon was ruined now.

Mops courtesy of Mr Spike. Gracias.

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