Leaf Yao’s parents had told her to wait until she had graduated from university before starting to date any boys. It hadn’t been a problem in high school because her 15 hour long days spent with a stack of text books three feet high meant she never actually saw any boys. Hell, she never even saw any girls for that matter.

But university was different. At university, you didn’t actually have to study. Or stay awake in class. Or even show up. It was thrilling! She actually saw daylight for the first time since she was 12 years old.

And she saw Kobe Wu. His hair was magnificent. Maybe his hair hadn’t been so magnificent back in high school because surely it took at least an hour to get that height, that poof, that élan.

She thought he was so sexy out there on the basketball court, his hair immobile and perfect even as he ran and jumped and flexed his hairless arms. When he was asleep in class, the hair was still perfect, even when his forehead dipped low enough to be flat against the top of the desk.

She was in love, though she wasn’t sure whether she was in love with him, his hair or his hair gel.

Her parents were not happy.

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