He couldn’t believe his eyes. Cuo Yifan was shaking with excitement, his collarbones marbling with creeping blush. There, in the men’s toilets at the railway station, was Yao Ming! His hero!

Of course, Yao Ming denied he was Yao Ming- after all he was the most famous basketball player  ever and it would be crazy of him to reveal his identity to everyone who happened to be at the urinals. But Cuo Yifan knew it was him. He knew.

He inched closer. Luckily the public lavatory hadn’t yet introduced stalls or partitions. That would have been awkward.

Cuo Yifan pulled out his prized iPhone, leaned in closer, trembling, and snapped a quick photo of himself and his reluctant hero.

This was totally going to be posted on Weibo!

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