The neighbours were definitely talking about them. Chen Guofang leaned further out from his window, hoping to catch what they were saying.  His wife carefully held onto his ankles as he balanced his ample midsection on the window ledge.

He was quite pleased to note that the slight paunch he had developed from so many long afternoons spent drinking beer and playing cards with his friends was acting as a rather comfortable cushion against the rough window trim.

But what were the neighbours saying? Was the hum of his AC annoying them again? They’d once spent a whole winter pounding on their shared wall, shrieking at him to turn it off. He had barely slept for months!

He inched out a little further. The dog! They were complaining about his dog! Was it the barking? The pee?

No, no. He cupped his ear to hear better.

They were complaining about the dog’s autumn wardrobe lowering the fashionable tone of the lane.  The little brown leather dog shoes didn’t match the stone washed, lace trimmed, denim and crushed velvet 2 piece outfit. It was scandalous! Scandalous!

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