Guo Huojin was inspired by his brief holiday in the west of Ireland. So much open land, with the lovely rolling green hills and streams. His tour guide had organized a horse ride for him in Connemara, by the sea. He felt refreshed.

He eyed his surroundings with a new found respect.

He wondered who he’d have to slip red envelopes to in order to, say, build 5 luxury apartment complexes there. The air was so fresh and delightful out there- no sense wasting it on the birds.

And a theme park! A horse ride theme park! At least a hectare or two. With a Cinderella Castle and kung fu demonstrations on a replica pirate ship!

That would probably need quite a few banquets. He wondered if you could buy bear paw or Maotai in Co. Mayo.

He had so many ideas!

Yes, yes, this holiday had been a good idea.

He breathed in deeply.

Such lovely fresh air!

Mop in Mayo photo submitted by Selly

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