There had been reports on the Shanghai Metro of a man taking covert phone photos up girls’ skirts.

Xiang Dandan had been extra careful when taking public transportation as a result of these warnings: she wore extra layers of shorts and tights under her dresses and made sure that she was standing with her back to the train carriage’s wall.

All of her precautions, however, were for nothing when she discovered a photograph of herself online,  kissing her boyfriend goodnight just outside the gates of her university.

It had gone viral not only on Weibo but also on RenRen. 1 billion views since yesterday. Thousands of comments.

Somehow the surreptitious photographer had managed to capture a very awkward, very embarrassing angle.

She blushed furiously, red blotches forming around her collar bones.

How was she going to explain this to her other boyfriend?

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