Old Wang was blind but he certainly wasn’t stupid. Which is why he wondered how he came to be in this predicament.

When the driver of the Senior Citizens’ Activity Fun Times bus told him they’d arrived at Huashan for their hike up the mountain, he had believed him.

At the top of the mountain, peckish and needing refreshment, he had lit a small fire to boil water for tea and dumplings (a skill he had learned during his days in the Red Army).

When the janitor came running in with a fire hose, spraying cold water all over the fire (and all over Old Wang, sitting next to the fire, warming his arthritic old hands) he was shocked. Apparently he was in the 6th floor bathroom of a local university.

He sat on the widow ledge to dry off. How the hell did this happen? he wondered.

Awesome plotline and mop photo supplied by the Magpie Wrangler of Shanghai, Doug Schutte


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