Winning caption for last week’s awesome mop contest is by chadbouchard 

Big round of applause, please!

Also, the Awesome Runners-Up were:

Selly: Wang Mao held his wife tight as she wept uncontrollably, wetting his navy-coloured shirt. The day had finally come, they could no longer deny it. XiaoMao, their beloved only son, was moving out. This entire life crammed into six boxes, which he planned to balance on his shiny new scooter to the other side of the city. Wang Mao glanced at the old tricycle they had thrown out…he had to be strong, he couldn’t give into his emotions.

Helen: Wei Han thought that taking his girlfriend to the new salon for a manicure would make her happy. Unfortunately the manicurist managed to not only do a bad job, but damage her fingernails to the point where she would need to wait for them to grow out, ugly and blotched with chipped enamel. He put his arm around her shoulder while she cried.

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